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Why Join Pakihi Ora?

Tautoko | Support

Opportunities to attend workshops designed to support you with business and professional development will be at your finger tips. It is also a way to meet others who are navigating the same space as you.

Hāpai | Advocacy

What you need as a member is important to us. This is why we advocate for the needs of our members within the wider strategic growth groups of regional economic and enterprise development.

Mātauranga | Knowledge

With the many skills and expertise across the network there is a pool of knowledge that can be tapped into. There are opportunities to share information, templates, research and more to support your business.

Hauora | Well-being

Business can be lonely, taking a toll on your hauora. Navigating challenges feels isolating, but it doesn't have to be. With like-minded members and supportive tuakana, you'll never walk alone. Find camaraderie and well-being on this journey.

Promoting your Pakihi Māori

Each month, we recognize and elevate three (3) outstanding Māori businesses who have actively participated in our informative parakuihi and workshops, demonstrated exceptional elevator pitch skills, engaged in meaningful kōrero, and expressed a clear interest in seeking targeted referrals.

As an organization, we passionately champion the interests of our members, advocating for their needs within the broader landscape of regional economic and enterprise development.

Discover more about our featured "pakihi o te marama" honorees below, including brief descriptions of their endeavors, along with relevant contact information. Let us unite in supporting and celebrating the remarkable achievements of these exceptional individuals.

Exciting opportunities await at Fe Roofing! As our business flourishes and expands, we seek skilled and motivated kaimahi to join our team. Take part in our journey of growth and development, and be a valued contributor to our success story. Join Fe Roofing today!

Discover Urutapu: Your gateway to eco-friendly and affordable end-of-life ceremonies, deeply connected to Māori traditions. Embrace sustainability while honoring your loved ones with our heartfelt services. Experience the beauty of meaningful farewells with Urutapu.

Jack Media

Jack Media, a premier content producer for Queer and LGBT programs, on a quest for inspirational stories within local communities. Be part of our mission to uplift voices and share impactful narratives that foster understanding, empowerment, and acceptance. Together, let's create a more inclusive world.

Want to know more about our "Pakihi o te marama"
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Membership Fees

All prices are billed annually form 1 April